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Flyboarding at Turi Beach Resort Nongsa Batam

Flyboarding at Turi Beach Resort Nongsa

Do you know this one sea sport? this sea sports are famous because the sensation will make you like Iron Man. Flyboard is a fun, easy way to go and play on the water. Flyboard is a very cool and new sport that provides you with countless fun and adventure!

A Flyboard is a type of water jetpack attached to a Personal Water Craft (PWC) which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard through air and water to perform a sport known as flyboarding. A Flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. PWC, also called water scooter, it is a recreational watercraft, most people called it Jet Ski. 

The Flyboard is a bolt on device that is attached to a jet ski and requires proper instructions and safety gear before being able to use the product successfully and efficiently. So that the PWC follows behind the rider’s trail allowing the rider all types of freedom even allowing the rider to go under water if they desire. The pilot that is on the Flyboard is in complete control of the navigation while the throttle is controlled by the person in charge of the PWC.

Where could you try this cool sea sports ?

Are you a Batam citizen In Batam there is the only place and that is the first to have this flyboarding activity. That place is Turi Beach Resort. Located between Nongsa Point Marina and Nongsa Village, it is an idyllic retreat embraced by pristine beaches and the unspoiled beauty of Batam.

Trained by experienced flyboard instructor.

Mr Aminudin is more than happy to assist you fly away over water. He will teach you patiently until you can stand alone on the air. It does not take long, by listening to his instructions, you will be able to ride a flyboard. Do not ask how great Mr. Aminudin in riding flyboard. Even he may have taught Iron Man to fly. Look at his ability to stretch on water with a flyboard.

They are very lucky people who could trained by Mr Aminudin.

This girl gets an opportunity to feel the sensation like Iron Man's gilrfriend who could fly with Superhero. She trained with uncountable hard trial until could stand on water by herself. With a persistent effort and never give up nothing can not be done. With the instructions of Mr. Aminudin who is highly trained and professional in action on the flyboard.

Mr Amin Stark

This cool man is super lucky people. With first trial, he could fly like his instructors. How great he is, Fabolous. He was success to follow all of instructions from Mr Aminudin and fly with only a bit of failure. He even always talked about his feeling and how much he admired Mr Aminudin. and become addicted to continue playing the flyboard.

Turi Beach Resort Nongsa, Batam 
Tel +62-778 761 080 
Fax +62-778 761 279
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  1. how about the price for playing flyboarding ? anda how loang duration ?

  2. Wowww, nice experiences, thanks for sharing, really helpful for me. Wanna try it after ramadhan


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